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VoIP is Voice over IP. A hot topic a few years back, Voip is now part and parcel of every online-game and chat application. VoIP started its reign with Skype, the worldÂ’s most popular VoIP application. VoIP works like this: You speak to you contact using your headset and microphone, all for free. As weird as this sounds, VoIP uses the internet to translate your words into data and then back from data into sound for you recipient on the other side. Sound is crystal clear thanks to the prevalence of broadband internet. VoIP has helped to revolutionize the internet, and deservedly so.


With UltraSMS you can save money sending SMS from your pc. You can use also useful options like scheduled delivery, anonymous SMS, Group SMS, Unicode, Long, etc. Register at and obtain a free test account. Size: 1.7MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

UltraSMS Free Download


vEmotion brings some music to your IM chats. Size: 1.14 Mb Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

vEmotion Free Download

VoicePhone 1.1

VoicePhone is a softphone to make international calls to fixed and mobile phones over the Internet. Size: 2.35MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

VoicePhone Free Download

VSoft Phone 3.3

A credible skype replacement, this is Vsoft phone. Size: 8.1 MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

VSoft Phone Free Download