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VoIP is Voice over IP. A hot topic a few years back, Voip is now part and parcel of every online-game and chat application. VoIP started its reign with Skype, the world’s most popular VoIP application. VoIP works like this: You speak to you contact using your headset and microphone, all for free. As weird as this sounds, VoIP uses the internet to translate your words into data and then back from data into sound for you recipient on the other side. Sound is crystal clear thanks to the prevalence of broadband internet. VoIP has helped to revolutionize the internet, and deservedly so.

3CX Phone System for Windows Free 7.1 Build

3CX Phone System is complete software PBX package for windows. Size: 7.15 MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

3CX Phone System for Windows Free Free Download

3CX VOIP Phone for Windows 6

3CX VOIP Phone for Windows allows you make cheap phone calls using your internet connection. Size: 1.08 MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

3CX VOIP Phone for Windows Free Download

Advanced Contact Manager Personal 2.42.114

Advanced Contact Manager is a simple contact management solution for your sales and technical support teams to keep track of your customers, open issues and call and contact history. Size: 5.31MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

Advanced Contact Manager Personal Free Download

DialTrix Free VoIP Softphone 2.4.339

Free VoIP Softphone that allows you to make very cheap domestic or international calls. Suports contact list, redial, check call record, etc. No configuration required, just install and start using. Check the rates here: Size: 1.41MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

DialTrix Free VoIP Softphone Free Download

Enigma Softphone 0.8.6

Enigma is a free Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) softphone available for your download. It can used to make Internet calls, establish conference and send instant messages to your buddies under the same SIP network. Choose your platform see features Size: 23449KB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

Enigma Softphone Free Download

Skype 4.1

Skype allows users to make cost effective long distance phone calls over the internet. Size: 5.6 MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

Skype Free Download

SSuite Office - VOIP Caller Extreme 2.0

Voip PC Phone is a useful program that does not rely on Third-Party Vendors or Special Internet Websites to make calls. All you need is a headset and microphone to make a call. Voip Phone works only on LAN and DSL connections. Size: 4.15MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

SSuite Office - VOIP Caller Extreme Free Download

Telepati SIP Phone Freeware 1.51

Telepati SIP Phone Freeware allows you to make PC-PC phone-phone calls over the Internet. Developed using Research Labs VOIP SIP Phone SDK, this free soft phone brings SIP protocol support for ActiveX. Tested and works with 75% of the providers. Size: 1.4MB Path: Internet | Network » VoIP

Telepati SIP Phone Freeware Free Download