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Tweaking the system of your computer is a terrific way to increase the speed or performance of your operating system without performing any major overhauls, such as a hardware upgrade. TweakUI, Tweak XP and Norton Tools are all popular System tools which enhance the overall speed and stability of your computer. Download one of our useful tweaking applications, and see how you can revamp your pc. Always note the changes you have made though, as some system tweaks can be detrimental to your computer.

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor 1.4.17

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor is a freeware disk utility that monitors the status of your hard drives and scan for bad sectors. The system is based on the Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T). Size: 7.29MB Path: System » Tweaks

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor Free Download

Advanced Registry Clear

Advanced Registry Clear has the intuitive interface, reliable and powerful features that allow you to scan and fix registry, cut down system crash, and speed up your PC. It's 100% free, safe and clean and brings you a safe, clean network environment. Size: 3.72MB Path: System » Tweaks

Advanced Registry Clear Free Download

AllOff 3.2

AllOff monitors keyboard, mouse and CPU load and initiates computer shutdown if the activity is less than the threshold for a specified length of time. The program normally runs in the System Tray. Requires a registration code to run. Size: 0.48MB Path: System » Tweaks

AllOff Free Download

AllOff Lite 2.3

AllOff Lite monitors the mouse, keyboard and CPU load and initiates power off if there has been no keyboard or mouse activity for 900 seconds and the average CPU load has been below 15% for over 60 seconds. Requires a registration code to run. Size: 0.37MB Path: System » Tweaks

AllOff Lite Free Download

Belarc Advisor

When you need to know everything about your pc, use Belarc Advisor Size: 604.43 KB Path: System » Tweaks

Belarc Advisor Free Download

BootSkin 2

Booting up to boring? Try Bootskin and give your eyes a rest. Size: 847 KB Path: System » Tweaks

BootSkin Free Download

Click Rescue 5.2.142

A web-based solution for remote computer support. Once the end user is connected and grants remote access to our technical advisors, the computer is diagnosed and a resolution is proposed. If terms are agreed to by both parties, the work begins. Size: 1.26MB Path: System » Tweaks

Click Rescue Free Download

ConfigInspector 1

Get to know your pc inside out with Configinspector. Size: 0.18 MB Path: System » Tweaks

ConfigInspector Free Download