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Tools for games include Level editors, custom character creation applications, cheat code generators and more. If your want to take your game to the next level, or need to alter or edit a level in one of your favorite games, the tools to do so is located in this section. Gaming tools can radically change your favourite pc game, so be careful when editing. A good knowledge of programming is needed in order to get the best out of these tools.

CheatBook Database 2005

Can’t beat the game? Try Cheatbook Database 2005 Size: 19.7 MB Path: Games » Tools

CheatBook Database 2005 Free Download

Faster WoW 1.02

Provides a faster WoW experience on slower machines by stopping first the Windows services, then launching the World of Warcraft application. Provides the option to select which services to stop. Can save the settings to provide a one click launch. Size: 0.05MB Path: Games » Tools

Faster WoW Free Download

SL4 - Lotto database application OSS

All the winning numbers with SL4 Lotto Database Application Size: 1.5 MB Path: Games » Tools

SL4 - Lotto database application Free Download