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RSS or Remote sequence server software is a series of applications which stream text, such as news and information automatically to your software. Much like the news tickers of old, RSS can be configured to stream any type of information directly to your browser even. Podcast updates is a popular use for RSS, as you can be informed of the latest audio file without having to search for it. Whatever your particular taste of news, sports or entertainment gossip is, RSS has the answer.

CustomXML 1

Drag & Drop feeds then Organize and read your fav. XML feeds in custom folders. Size: 5 KB Path: Internet | Network » RSS

CustomXML Free Download

Feedreader (RSS) 3.14

All your RSS streams in one neat window with Feedreader. Size: 1.4 MB Path: Internet | Network » RSS

Feedreader (RSS) Free Download

NewsPiper 3.8.1

NewsPiper is an effective tool for browsing news headlines from around the world. Size: 1.36 MB Path: Internet | Network » RSS

NewsPiper Free Download

RSS Publisher

RSS Publisher is a powerful application for managing RSS feeds. Size: 0.97 MB Path: Internet | Network » RSS

RSS Publisher Free Download

VigilantNews 0.1.6

VigilantNews allows you to keep up to date with the latest news headlines via RSS feeds. Size: 336 KB Path: Internet | Network » RSS

VigilantNews Free Download

YeahReader 2.7

Free RSS/RDF/Atom news aggregator Size: 2.18 MB Path: Internet | Network » RSS

YeahReader Free Download