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Fly Bye Bye 1

Fly Bye Bye is funny free kids game where you get to be a house maid. Your job is to kill all the annoying flies. You have to smash them with your swatter. In 40 seconds you have to kill enough flies to reach the next level. Watch out for that lamp. Size: 1.5MB Path: Games » Other

Fly Bye Bye Free Download

I Color Too: Animals 1 2.0

IColorToo coloring books are exciting coloring software for children. The books are parents-friendly as well as software spreads over the whole screen and exits on certain double-key shorcut combination only. Size: 3.36MB Path: Games » Other

I Color Too: Animals 1 Free Download

Lemon Days 2

Many worlds´ most powerful people started small when they were young. Projects like selling lemonade or being a paperboy decided their future. Free kids games give you a chance to find out if you have whizz and guts to make a lemonade selling empire. Size: 1.6MB Path: Games » Other

Lemon Days Free Download

Ninja Name Generator 1.5

You can generate your own ninja name from your name using this tool. Just type your real name and click generate. Size: 0.40MB Path: Games » Other

Ninja Name Generator Free Download

Pixelville 1

Pixelville is a nice town where a lot of elderly people live. You will need to help them. Build them a nice retirement home where they will be able to relax. Over the years they were terrorized by 16 and 32 bite pixels. Size: 1.9MB Path: Games » Other

Pixelville Free Download

Poolstick Challenge 2

Poolstick Challenge is an absolutely addictive free downloadable game. Your job is to get a stick safely from one side of the pool to the other. The stick is long and constantly rotating which makes your job a lot harder. Size: 1.9MB Path: Games » Other

Poolstick Challenge Free Download

Ready to Rock 1

Are you ready to rock? You are a new rock band on the scene and just started to get recognized. You have to prove yourself before your public. They will not tolerate any mistakes. Size: 1.8MB Path: Games » Other

Ready to Rock Free Download

The Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy is great adventure free kids game. Your adventure begins and ends in town called Norish. This is not a nice, peaceful town as it used to be. Some evil creatures took over. Size: 5.3MB Path: Games » Other

The Final Fantasy Free Download