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Software such as Kazaa, Napster and Bit-torrent are all examples of File sharing applications. Any pc connected to the internet has the ability to become a file sharing behemoth, capable of transferring files of any size and format to users making use of similar file sharing applications. Most file sharing applications have built in search functions for MP3's, Videos and pc games. It is of course, illegal to download pirated software of any shape or format.

Seeksy 0.2.0

Seeksy is the fastest Music Downloads software on the planet. At least 10 times faster free music downloads than any other music download program. Seeksy allows you to download mp3s at lightning fast speeds. Forget Limewire, Napster, Kazaa, Bearshare Size: 3.45MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

Seeksy Free Download

Shareaza Acceleration Tool 2.3.6

Shareaza Acceleration Tool is a new add-on for Shareaza file sharing program. Size: 6.3MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

Shareaza Acceleration Tool Free Download

Shareaza PRO

Shareaza Pro is a free Windows-based peer-to-peer client which empowers users to share, search for anddownload any type of media files on most poplar P2P network protocols including Gnutella, Gnutella2,eDonkey/eMule, BitTorrent. Size: 9.1MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

Shareaza PRO Free Download

Shareaza Turbo Booster 2.4.6

Shareaza Turbo Booster is a potent add-on to Shareaza P2P application. Most modern technology used augmentdownload speed and enlarges the amount of download sources. Size: 2.6MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

Shareaza Turbo Booster Free Download

Sharetastic 1.4.0

Sharetastic is a straightforward, solid file sharing program with exceptional features such as ghost ratings, a completely user-configurable queue area, and multinetwork. This application supports Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, and BitTorrent networks Size: 9.87MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

Sharetastic Free Download

Soulseek 157

Soulseek is an incredibly popular file sharing application. Size: 980 KB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

Soulseek Free Download

SpeedLord 2.7.0

SpeedLord is a universal download acceleration tool, small in size and large in its capabilities, compatible with all most popular file sharing programs like Limewire, Shareaza, Bearshare, Vuze, eMule, BitComet, uTorrent, Frostwire. Size: 2.11MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

SpeedLord Free Download