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Software such as Kazaa, Napster and Bit-torrent are all examples of File sharing applications. Any pc connected to the internet has the ability to become a file sharing behemoth, capable of transferring files of any size and format to users making use of similar file sharing applications. Most file sharing applications have built in search functions for MP3's, Videos and pc games. It is of course, illegal to download pirated software of any shape or format.

VIP Torrent

Vip Torrent is a P2P filesharing application for music, mp3, movies, software, documents and games downloads. You may now take advantage of the BitTorrent Pro decentralized network to share, search for, and download about any file you want to. Size: 13.64MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

VIP Torrent Free Download

Wall Mirrors 1

Wall Mirrors chmod for IE. Find wall mirrors, large mirrors, floor mirrors and decorative mirrors for all your home decorating and remodeling needs. Size: 0.40MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

Wall Mirrors Free Download

WinMX MP3 4.8.0

WinMX MP3 is a powerful and popular file sharing program, allowing you to find and share audio, video, images, books, software and more on the net's coolest peer-to-peer network. An easy-to-use Start wizard helps new usersget up and running. Size: 7.77MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

WinMX MP3 Free Download

Zultrax 4.38

Zultrax is one of the better peer to peer file sharing clients available at the moment. Size: 2.26 MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

Zultrax Free Download

Zultrax P2P 4.38

P2P file sharing, no adware, protects privacy Size: 2.28 MB Path: Internet | Network » File Sharing

Zultrax P2P Free Download