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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One

Netsky is a nasty piece of work. It sends copies of itself to all mailing lists that it has trawled during its journey on the internet. It tries many, many cruel methods of PC destruction such as Explorer.exe deletion and port blocking. Netsky Removal Tool will effectively eliminate this piece of garbage and ensure that your PC is running smoothly and without any Netsky related virusÂ’.

NetSky Removal Tool - Info

This tool removes:
* W32.Netsky.B@mm
* W32.Netsky.C@mm
* W32.Netsky.D@mm
* W32.Netsky.E@mm
* W32.Netsky.K@mm
* W32.Netsky.P@mm
* W32.Netsky.Q@mm
* W32.Netsky.S@mm
* W32.Netsky.T@mm
* W32.Netsky.X@mm
* W32.Netsky.Y@mm
* W32.Netsky.Z@mm
* W32.Netsky.AB@mm


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