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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One:

Now, MyDoom used to be a very threatening virus back in the day. Today, it is another insignificant pebble in a sea of spyware, adware and phreaking. Software like this is certainly very handy for PC's with one instance of the infection and MyDoom removal tool should be very handy in its complete destruction. I recommend a total virus/adware removal tool instead of struggling with one virus removal application. But hey, if this floats your boat then you cant beat MyDoom removal tool for effective MyDoom eradication.

MyDoom Removal Tool - Info

Removes the following infections:
* W32.Mydoom.A@mm
* W32.Mydoom.B@mm
* W32.Mydoom.F@mm
* W32.Mydoom.G@mm
* W32.Mydoom.H@mm
* W32.Mydoom.L@mm
* W32.Mydoom.M@mm
* W32.Mydoom.Q@mm
* W32.Mydoom.AM@mm
* Backdoor.Zincite.A
* W32.Zindos.A
* Backdoor.Nemog


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