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Card games such as Mammoth Solitaire are very simple affairs, merely dressing up the common game of solitaire with a few graphical updates and sound effects. I do not understand the reasoning behind this, as solitaire has officially reached its peak of interest. Nevertheless, if you enjoy stone-age settings then download Mammoth Solitaire and enjoy yourself with these simple graphics and very-familiar gameplay. Nothing has changed. You still need to match cards according to highest suite and number. One player only [of course], Mammoth Solitaire may keep you occupied and entertained during those long meetings.

Mammoth Solitaire - Info

Complete the Stone Age solitaire under the intent supervision of the cave-man and a huge ancestor of the elephant, the Mammoth with two massive tusks, solitaire experts. Be aware that as the night falls the stony surface is getting colder and the two supervisors - more and more impatient. Don't be spellbound by the caveman's stare and hurry up to complete the game before the sunset, if you don't want to be a victim of the mammoth's tusks!


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