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I love arcade games and Waterfall Catcher is another cool one to download and add to your collection. There is a very convoluted back story about fish disappearing from around the world, but who really cares. In Waterfall Catcher, fish fall from a poorly animated waterfall and it is your task to catch them for points. I noticed that as the levels progress, the fish fall faster and in greater volumes to boot. Waterfall Catcher will keep you addicted from the get go, but it is not going to be on your favourite list anytime soon.

Waterfall Catcher - Info

Ichthyologists in the whole world raise the alarm! Some species of fish have become so rare, that in a couple of years they may disappear completely. As a result, a great number of animals and birds will suffer from the lack of food, and your mission is to save vanishing fish from extinction and prevent an ecocatastrophe. For this purpose a special expedition was organized, which aimed to collect as many species of the extinct fish as possible to raise them in the laboratory and then to set them free. Beware! There will be not only fish among your catch sometimes!


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