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Robowords is an interesting puzzle game which makes a cool educational download. There is a convoluted story about how the robots are coming to destroy earth but in the end Robowords boils down to a lesser clone of the very popular Bookworm. Letters are placed into a grid in the middle of the screen and you must type out any word that you can find. Levels can be timed or a free-play mode can be turned on for hours of uninterrupted puzzling. Give Robowords, at least it will stimulate your brain as well.

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The year is 2100. Robots have invaded the Earth. Their bases are placed on secret list, and their weapons are ultra-modern and very powerful. Their arsenal is so large that one robots' attack can destroy the Earth at a moment's notice. It seemed impossible to conquer them, but fortunately human spies have found the army's weak spot: the robots are absolutely illiterate! You may gain advantages by beating the robots in the word contest and take possession of all their guns, bombs and other secret gadgets. Build as many words as you can and help human beings hold out against enemy's attacks and live peacefully.


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