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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B

Knopka is by no means an essential application, but can be rather useful, especially if you are connected to a large local area network (LAN). Knopka is a Windows application that allows users to share files and access shared content across a LAN. As an additional feature, users can chat to one another as well as exchange content. Knopka is only really useful in big LAN's, where there are many PCs connected over a large area. Smaller network and home users will find little use for this application, which is only really a slight improvement over the built-in Windows network manager. Still, using Knopka couldn't be easier, and although most users will find it completely unnecessary, it is still a solid performer and doesn't have any glaring flaws.

Knopka - Info

Knopka is a FREE Windows program for users to share and exchange files.
Knopka can be used to setup a chatbox for an unlimited amount of users.
Knopka is NOT like other filesharing programs connected to a network.

In our opinion users only want to share with people they know. With Knopka you
can share information and files with your family,friends and collegues.
Knopka is the tool to use to do file exchanges from computers to computers.


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