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I am not that convinced by Cosmic Freecell. It is a spin on the popular card game yes, but not one that makes it a necessary download. Cosmic Freecell is the exact same game that we have been playing for decades, with prettier graphics and upgraded sound. They can’t fool me though. Cosmic Freecell remains an intensely demanding game [especially at the higher levels] and a game that I personally have never been interested in. There are many fans of Freecell though, this will not convince you to become one though.

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Finally the representatives of the other life forms have established connection with humans. They seem to be rather friendly and express a desire for visiting our planet. This event is going to be the most important one since the first wheel has been invented, and milliards of people are waiting for it with bated breath. But troubles do happen much more often than you would like them to! Your guests were in such a hurry, that they hadn't tested the engine of their spaceship and it broke. Now they are sending you distress signals from an asteroid somewhere near Uranium, and you are to bring the humanoids to the Earth. Hurry up!


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