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Use the Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar on your internet or office network setup to hide your valuable IP address form prying eyes. Make your many downloads as safe as can be by disguising your proxy with a simple button click. The Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar stay resident on your toolbar and only jumps into action the moment you select it. Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar takes the tedious nonsense out of disguising your IP address and makes your online security its top priority. Figuring out the manual way to handle internet proxies is a tedious affair, but no more thanks to the Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar.

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How to hide IP address and keep your privacy?

Anonymous web surfing (with hidden IP) requires valid anonymous proxy server. Lookup and checking of anonymous proxies can be very tedious and annoying task. Managing Internet Explorer proxy settings annoys even more.

Free Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar makes this process simple and funny: just click toolbar button in web browser, select proxy and confirm - that's it! No more heavy proxy checking tools, proxy lists, tedious checks, manual proxy setup. Forget it and have fun, anonymously!


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