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For all those Schmap loves out there, you will need to download this miscellaneous system file in order to view the Schmap maps out there. Schmap Player is a very necessary download however and you will need to install this in order to sync your maps online with your offline ones. Schmap Player lets you view virtual cities in one of the most amazing ways possible. Guide your tours through 3D maps, photos hotels, restaurants and much more. Grab Schmap Player as soon as possible and begin exploring your world.

Schmap Player - Info

The world's first dynamic travel guides.

The Schmap Player opens a new world of flexibility for browsing, searching and customizing travel guide content (reviews, photos and maps). Once installed, simply choose from Schmap's rapidly growing series of US, European and Canadian destination guides, each with zooming, panning maps, useful links, playable virtual tours, top picks, plus photos and reviews for hundreds of sights and attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars, parks, theaters, shops, art galleries and museums.

Schmap Player functionality includes dynamic travel guide browsing, city search, virtual tours, trip planning features, plus ability to print your own full-color custom guide, complete with maps, reviews and photos, for a particular area of interest.

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