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This is more than a miscellaneous piece of software! Your desktop will benefit from having the First Aid Basics shortcut and you will also most likely learn of ways to save lives, if you stick around to learn the correct information. The First Aid Basics describes many techniques in a very easy to use manner and teaches you the correct way to apply splints, perform CPR and bandage wounds. With the First Aid Basics application, there is no need to scour the internet any longer for ways to improve your health. So download today, it could save a life.

First Aid Basics - Info

Basic information on first aid usable as introduction to medical help and as prepare for study of official publications. Contained are data on CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), helping with infarct, pains, bites, stings, fractures, disjoints, hyperthermia, frostbites etc. One whole part describes first aid tools as bandages, plasters, medicines, recommended content of first aid kit and also progressions how to use them. Special part is focused on prevention, how to avoid injuries and infection in daily life and during first aid. Video part contains graphical presentation of CPR. Program contains also Glossary of frequent terms and weblinks to informative webs.


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