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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Freeware HelpDesk CentreDesk Group is best used out "there" in the business world. Here is a free tool which will keep track of your support group and support staff and their goings-on while they go from assignment to assignment. The interface is a little basic and ugly, but the value of Freeware HelpDesk CentreDesk Group pays for itself. If you are cash strapped and have a small IT business Freeware HelpDesk CentreDesk Group is an invaluable tool for you.

Freeware HelpDesk CentreDesk Group - Info

CentreDesk is a freeware multi-user help desk solution. One of the four CentreDesk Help Desk group, that are affordable and easy to use
Core elements are:
Fast, easy call logging, easy call tracking, with the full history of all actions taken.
Easily assign logs to technicians
Time tracking (calculates holidays and working days) and flagged to indicate the current status and duration
Logs that are awaiting a reply for quotations, or are in the workshop, or awaiting parts are automatically set to "On Hold"
Security ensures that only logs assigned to individual technicians can be viewed by them.
Provides a flexible workflow.
Your customers are kept informed as to the progress of reported faults, with emails being sent to confirm:

That the issue has been logged, and the details
Quotations (approved or rejected)
Invoicing (including a cancellation fee option) and a Batch Email facility.
Invoice summary
Log completion

Your SLA Contract labour charges are automated for quotations and invoices, so you don't need to remember the different rates for each client and category.
A fully functional Parts inventory

To maintain good relations with your customers, the CentreDesk solution makes available the tools needed to provide the support and attention to detail, that prevents logs from falling between the cracks.


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