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Download Snarfer and experience the best way to read RSS feeds. Snarfer offers free, daily updates for your favourite internet sites. The layout is incredibly clean and simple to navigate and a bevy of features are added to this cool network tool every 45 days. After the quick and easy installation, users can pick from a myriad of feeds and let them automatically download as per their preferences. Many websites have an RSS button and clicking on this will add the feed to your Snarfer collection. This is a great tool and the perfect way to make the internet work for you.

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Snarfer is the Best way to Read, Search and Manage RSS. Snarfer supports RSS/XML/ATOM and presents information to users in a simple to use interface. Snarfer is blazingly fast RSS reader that has intuitive and simple to use interface. It allows people to become functional with RSS seconds after downloading it. Snarfer now includes intelligent persistent searching of both Craigslist & eBay communities delivering a new level of information to both buyers and sellers! Snarfer focuses on the core functions that the majority of users really want rather then bloat the software with functions that most people won't use. Snarfer has a strong community of loyal users providing feedback, features requests and enhancements which allows the Snarfware team to bring out an enhanced version about every 45 days. Snarfer includes a wide assortment of sample feeds users may choose during the install. After install user may choose from 1000+ feeds with a simple click of the mouse in our Additional Feeds section. Discover a faster and easier way to read, search and manage information today with Snarfer and leave complicated stuff where it belongs, behind the scenes.


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