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File sharing applications make downloading massive files a piece of cake on any network. The internet owes much of its popularity to applications such as BeamFile. Beamfile is a P2P internet-sharing application, but on a private and intimate scale. You connect to other friends and colleagues who have BeamFile installed on their computer and simply drag and drop to download the file of your choice. The interface is simple and you will get the hang of this dandy application in no time at all. There is no need to configure complicated settings either and this is a massive bonus.

BeamFile - Info

BeamFile is a free tool that lets you easily send and receive files of any size.

Use BeamFile to safely and easily send and receive heavy files such as pictures, presentations and videos. Your friends and colleagues dont even need to have BeamFile installed to be able to receive the files you send them!
BeamFile features:
- Easy to use just click or drag files to send them
- You will be notified when file has been received by recipient
- Fast data transfer - utilize the full potential of your Internet connection
- No configuration required in order to use BeamFile
- Secure, P2P transfer


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