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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Happyland Adventures. Another sweet little platformer from the 90's. It is freeware, but this is only the first episode. A special Christmas one. Nevertheless, it is fun. Jump on snails and avoid spikes to reach then end of each level. Ice creams and sweets can be picked up to increase the score and increase the fun. The graphics are pleasant but the sound is grating on the ears. There are many, many levels so Happyland Adventures should last you a very long time.

Happyland Adventures - Info

Happyland Adventures is a fun platform game combined with original puzzle elements, a game full of surprises. Explore the big levels and collect various fruits for bonus. Save the Happylanders in order to rid the world of evilness.

The download includes a level editor making it easy for you to expand the game to your liking.


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