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Yet another environmentally themed desktop wallpaper pack, the Nature Online Wallpapers are a compendium of stunning pictures which will compliment any desktop. With the Nature Online Wallpapers, any desktop size is catered for and these images look especially pleasing on a wide-screen display. I adore nature and loved the Nature Online Wallpapers, as each picture has a different theme which seemed to suite me every day. Stunning vistas, grazing animals, trickling waterfalls, this pack has it all. I am pleased to report that each picture can also be viewed separately, once you find the installed directory of course.

Nature Online Wallpapers - Info

This small utility configures your desktop so that it always has a fresh nature photograph as a wallpaper. Photos are taken from the Internet from the 'Nature Wallpapers Blog. The blog publishes beautiful nature photos from all over the world, so you'll always have a fresh wallpaper image made by the best photographers. Only bright and stunning nature photographs will be on your desktop. And you will be able to enjoy the continuous and changing sounds of nature at the background.

There is no need anymore to worry about the storing pictures, setting them up, remembering the location or manually changing the wallpaper. Nature Online Wallpapers will automatically do everything for you.


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