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If you need protection from the miscellaneous hackers and crackers who want nothing more than to get at your valuable information, then download Actual Keylogger and begin tracking what other user’s type. Actual Keylogger logs every single keystroke, mouse click and page change [if so desired in the options] on your desktop or laptop PC and then logs the information into an easy to understand text file. I am very private and Actual Keylogger ticked all the right boxes for me. Now you can see what other users are up to on your pc, protecting you from potential hackers.

Actual Keylogger - Info

Actual Keylogger is a free key logger that records every keystroke to an encrypted log file. Every keystroke is written to the log file with the title of the window that was active at that moment. Actual Keylogger runs hidden in the background and automatically logs all keystrokes. The interface can be password protected. Only the person who knows a special key combination can control Actual Keylogger. You can view the reports as HTML or plain text. Actual Keylogger cannot be seen in the task manager, programs files menu, system tray or uninstall list. Actual Keylogger helps any computer user see what activities took place in their computer.


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