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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

The Grand Theft Auto series, spanning seven games to date, is one of the most successful in gaming history, and Grand Theft Auto 2 is one of the titles that helped launch the series to stardom. Players assume the role of a young criminal trying to build a reputation in a cut-throat world of guns, drugs and violence. Most of the appeal of Grand Theft Auto 2 lies in the free-roaming style of the game play. Players can go anywhere they please, either on foot on in one of the many vehicles on the road which can be commandeered at a moment’s notice. Wreaking havoc and stealing cars comes at a price however, as the police will not let such activities go unpunished. The end result is often a frantic car chase that will leave you gasping for breath in an attempt to dodge the law . Grand Theft Auto 2 spans three levels, each with three rival gangs, complete with strongholds and gang vehicles. The player builds respect by taking out rival gang members and missions are provided by gang leaders as their respect for you grows. The missions in Grand Theft Auto 2 are interesting and varied, although a little frustrating at times, and involve blowing up rival gang buildings, picking up bank robbers and other such illegal activities. Committing crime on a large scale and avoiding the police becomes a fine art, and one that needs to be mastered if success is to be had. Grand Theft Auto 2 features an incredible amount of depth and will keep players immersed for hours. Whether you are familiar with the Grand Theft Auto series or not, you simply have got to play Grand Theft Auto 2. It would be criminal not to.


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