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Would you like to setup your own internet search engine on your own personal office network? Then download Openfind Enterprise Search and begin the process with this fantastic application. Just like pressing the ‘F3’ button, [to search] Openfind Enterprise Search lets you customise your own homepage, by indexing over 10, 000 files at a time, such as PDF’s, Office, plain text and any other file you input into the search index. Openfind Enterprise Search found my test files without many issues and the search process is fairly quick to boot.

Openfind Enterprise Search - Info

Openfind Enterprise Search (OES) is designed for easy installation and simple configuration, allows setting up intranet document search and Internet website search in minutes. With multi-lingual search capability, OES can deal with double bytes as well as single bytes contents. It supports mostly general file types, like web page, Microsoft Office file, Adobe PDF file, plain-text file, compressed file, multi-media file, and filename search as well. Moreover, OES also provides many useful functions to reduce the maintenance effort, like index/schedule management, real-time index progress and summary/detail report, etc. OES free edition allows 2 indices and up to 10,000 documents per index.


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