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Games » Action | 1 2 3 4 5 | 26 Feb 2010 | Freeware | Created by paleface

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Persecutors! III - The Ultimate Chase is the definitive action game for any adrenaline junkie. Do not let the minimalistic graphics fool you. Persecutors! III - The Ultimate Chase is one addictive title, now available for download. Escape from the persecutors or destroy them with your advanced weaponry before they end your life. Escape each level by locating a hidden key and move to the next stage, avoiding the enemies at every corner. Be cautious as Persecutors! III - The Ultimate Chase is not about mindless shooting, or you will end up with no life, energy and depleted weaponry.

Persecutors! III - The Ultimate Chase - Info

Following my rather minimalistic games PERSECUTORS! and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! from the year of 2001 (available on my website), there finally is the third part: THE ULTIMATE CHASE. Of course you will face the deadly Persecutors here as well. Other than in the first both parts the events are no longer based on rounds, all happens in real time - for more adrenaline! Graphics and sound have improved a lot as well. The concept of the game (above all in relation to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!) has not changed: on nine levels with nine sections each you have to escape from the Persecutors that are chasing you all the time or to destroy them with your weapon until they will catch and kill you. During the chase you can collect objects that will increase your score, coins to get your weapon improved in the Shop, as well as some special objects. Furthermore, you have to find the exit that will bring you to the next section. The key for the exit has to be found first, too. However, in the course of the game the field is getting larger and the number of the Persecutors as well as their speed and strength is increasing. After section nine in the end of each level you are confronted with a single and very strong Persecutor on a smaller field that has to be destroyed to enable you reaching the next level. When being chased by the Persecutors, you can quickly be puffed. So you should try to rest from time to time and to use your power sparingly. The main goal of the game is to reach a highscore.


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