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For all the fans of Sudoku, AB SuDoku is the perfect puzzle game to appease your problem-solving skills. I have never been the biggest fan of Sudoku but I heartily enjoyed this interpretation. AB SuDoku comes with many challenging levels of gameplay, suitable for any skill level. If you do not have the brainpower to complete a certain challenge, you may cheat a little and score the answers from the hints system. AB SuDoku even allows you to print any of the millions of puzzles out and play them at a later state. This is a recommended download.

AB SuDoku - Info

If you are fan of Sudoku and are looking for a little bit more challenging plays than what some other tools consider a super-duper paranoid level, try this one. If you are utterly lost, you can cheat a little bit - the Expert is there to suggest to you a position for the next move, the move itself or the complete game solution. It also has a useful print feature in case you are planning to travel or just to play away from PC.


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