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CustomXML is a cool RSS reader for your local network or global internet connection. CustomXML comes with a built in firewall and other useful security applications. Using just one button to search, CustomXML finds the best research on the internet and sends it directly to the folder of your choice. Share your knowledge and your research with others using the built-in options provided with this cool application. All it takes is one click to send your interesting find to your internet friends. I had a blast with CustomXML and I plan to use it as often as possible.

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Including a built in Fire Wall and security program like no other. protect yourself against most all threats with one click. Includes a personal search robot to auto research topics on the web for you. My SearchBot finds the best results for you the allows you to review, save , and then share the folders with others. Share your knowledge like never before using your search bot smart xml folder, with one click send to a friend using our file share feature.


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