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Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1:

Intended for the combing of CHM files, ABC Amber CHM Merger is a very simple utility that isn’t going to win any awards for innovation but still performs its task sufficiently. As anyone familiar with HTML will know, CHMs are combined help files, and with this utility any number of them can be merged into a single file. The procedure is fairly simple, and all users are required to do is select the files they wish to combine, give the batch a name and then hit the merge button which initiates the process. It only takes a few minutes from start to finish, and is made even easier by a clean, easily navigated interface and menu system. Functionality is further boosted with command line and multiple language support. Almost anyone can use ABC Amber CHM Merger, and it is a good tool for HTM help file management. Some further file editing features wouldn’t have gone amiss, but overall the utility does what it’s meant to, and more than that cannot be expected.

ABC Amber CHM Merger - Info

ABC Amber CHM Merger is an advanced free tool that actually merges CHM files. The combined CHM doesn't depend on the source CHMs, so you can use and distribute it without needing source CHM files. The software supports more than 50 languages and can be run from a command line.
Important note: the program is able to merge CHM files that don't have a HHC (Table of Contents).

Partial Features List:
- combines multiple CHM files into a single CHM file;
- command line support;
- easy to use and easy to set up;
- saves and restores the list of documents to merge to;
- sorts files;
- multiple language support;
- more.


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