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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

It's going to be hard for me to review Secure Messenger Home without falling asleep. This is one of these, Windows 95 products. The Stark white interface, peppered with functional icons and a lack of sheen proved thus. Its task, to eliminate networking hassles and create a secure peer-to-peer Lan or Wan environment. If you understood the above sentence, then Secure Messenger Home is the perfect freeware, networking application for you.

Secure Messenger.Home Edition - Info

Secure Messenger.Home Edition

IM / VoIP / p2p / ...
4096 Bit Encryption Algorithm.
Server structure which cloakes sender an reciever.
Secure Voice : secure and easy voice transmission.
Supports all main protocols (TCP/IP, IPX, ...).
Easy creating of own sessions / server.
Secure and easy Filetransfer.
Secure and easy sharing of files and Ftp Links.
Unlimited channels per session.
Passwords, Ping Timings, User Managment.
SharedKey Server/Client:
Maximum Security through continuous Key change.
ServerInterLink Modul:
Build your own independent Networks.
Dedicated Server.

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