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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B

The idea behind Outposted is pure genius. We all have a few favorite websites that we like to check for changes and updates on a regular basis, but we don't always have the time. This is no longer a problem, as the task can now be fully automated thanks to Outposted. All that is required is for you to specify exactly which websites you wish to have monitored, and as soon as a change on any of the sites occurs, Outposted sends out a notification email. As a nice touch, Outposted sends the entire webpage in email format rather than a simple link to the site. A word of warning however: considering that some sites are updated several times daily, it is wise to restrict the number of sites you choose to monitor or else your inbox will be constantly flooded with update notifications. Overall, an excellent little tool for internet junkies and casual users alike, you really can't go wrong with Outposted.

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We all have a list of web sites that are important to us; sites for the software we use, news sites, blogs, etc. While some of these sites change frequently, others remain static for weeks at a time. Visiting all of these sites just to see what's new would take ages, so OutPosted does all of the work for you. Give OutPosted a list of your favorite sites and whenever changes are detected the site is e-mailed to you. Not a link to the site, or a lame "Notification of Change" message, but the actual web page, fully formatted, as an email message!


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