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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Rabbits can drive. So can turtles. According to Crazy car Gangsters that is. This is another simple top-down racing title with very little thought put behind it. Crazy car Gangsters is nearly unplayable due to the terrible controls that make your chosen vehicle handle like a rabbit with no legs. Crazy car Gangsters is a simple game that would have benefited well with an intuitive control scheme. The rabbits look cute though.

Crazy Car Gangsters - Info

Crazy Car Gangsters game is a very curious mixture of arcade races and shooter. In this
Free Car Racing Game everyone will find something to his taste: hot rodding in town, breaking rules and scampering away from the police; making the town a battle-field and shooting around every moving thing - anyway deep impression, stylish music and funny graphics are guaranteed to exalt you.

Two clans have been long time struggling for the territory. The first - bulldog clan - these guys never give up, and they do have a grip of steel. They prefer powerful American machines and the two colors - blue (machine color) and grey (emblem color). The second - dragon clan - they just burn everything on the way and nothing may stop them. Their colors are: yellow and red - both colors are used on their machines as well as on their emblem. The last town is left - the first to occupy it wins the decade long war. The whole armory is at your disposal: pistols, automatic guns, bazookas and rockets, speedy cars and a hip of different bonuses to help you in this war.

At the beginning of the game you are to choose the emblem of the gang for you to defend, go ahead! Just don't forget to collect the arms that your assistants will deliver to you by jeeps. One town. Two clans and only one is going to survive. Well? Shall we go for a hell of a ride?
Join your counterparts from all over the world and beat your best score! If your score is among the Top 10, you can upload it to our Web site and thousands of other players all over the world will be able to see your highscore! Are you up for the challenge? Download Car Racing Game Crazy Car Gangsters and Play for Free!


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