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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Wow. eMule is popular. A quick scan of the message boards reveals a long and bitter history between eMule and Bittorrent. Users are always spamming each other about how one is better then the other, but in my case if it downloads the file I need, I use it. eMule is handy as hell in this respect. The built in search function displayed thousands of sources to download my chosen file. And even better, the actual download was very speedy (about 26k per sec). I have never used eMule before but I will definitely use it again after today.

eMule - Info

The best p2p Client base on the eDonkey Network. The specialist when it comes to downloading big files. It is fast and uncomplicated with more features than eDonkey.

Their aim was to put the client back on track where eDonkey had been famous before, adding tons of new features and a nice GUI. They couldn't imagine what impact this decision would have...

As of today, eMule is one of the biggest and most reliable peer-to-peer file sharing clients around the world. Thanks to it's open source policy many developers are able to contribute to the project, making the network more efficient with each release.


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