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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

The voice over internet protocol (VOIP) system allows you to use your pc and broadband internet connection to make calls to other VOIP users around the world at a fraction of the price of a normal phone call. 3CX VOIP Phone for Windows is an application that can be used with any VOIP service provider to make calls, and it is an impressive freeware utility all round. Everything one might expect from such an application is present, from a detailed phonebook, to call management and customizable ringtones. 3CX VOIP Phone for Windows is certainly well equipped in the features department. The user interface is designed for ease of use, and as a nice touch a visual keypad is displayed as well as extra tabs for call managing. 3CX VOIP Phone for Windows gets two thumbs up and will definitely appeal to regular VOIP users.

3CX VOIP Phone for Windows - Info

Free VOIP / SIP phone. Use your PC as a phone. Works with any SIP / VOIP provider/ phone service. Use instead of the soft phone provided by your VOIP provider which locks you into their VOIP phone service.

Easy to use interface includes dial pad and buttons to transfer or forward a call. Set-up conference calls with a few mouse-clicks. Includes call log, phone-book, call status & statistics and more. Available in English, German, Spanish, French & Portuguese. Free download from http://3cx.com.

Features include

* Integrated phone book (allows you to assign caller ID to a name)
* Supports several SIP profiles
* Displays caller ID
* Individual ring tones (per caller)
* Drag & drop handling
* Call log
* Incoming calls: identify, accept, reject or ignore
* Record phone calls
* Multiple calls (HOLD)
* Terminal portability (TP)
* Call transfer (ECT)
* 3 party conference (3PTY)
* Call diversion (FORWARD)
* Call deflection (CD)
* Call completion (CCBS and CCNR)
* Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
* EarlyB3Connect (tones from trunk line)
* Keypad
* VoIP support for SIP connections
* Support G.711 (A-Law and u-Law), G 726, GSM, iLBC and Speex codecs.
* STUN support for NAT/firewall traversal.
* Search using ENUM
* Installation provided as MSI for easy deployment

3CX VOIP Phone for Windows also functions as a client for 3CX Phone System for Windows, a software-based VOIP PBX that completely replaces a traditional proprietary phone system. More information on http://www.3cx.com/phone-system/


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