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Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1:

TabKeeper is a rather disappointing freeware application that attempts to aid you in your personal financial management, but unfortunately the features are far too few and limited to make any real impact. The application focuses on keeping track of bills and invoices, and allows you to create a tab for each individual item, thus keeping them separate and therefore easy to manage. This sounds great in theory, and in a simplified world, TabKeeper would be the ideal financial managing utility. Unfortunately, the application just isn’t suited to any sort of in-depth accounting or financial managing, and even for a freeware application its uses are extremely limited. A colorful interface, offering a degree of customization as well as simple, user friendly operation should be redeeming factors, but even with these inclusions, TabKeeper remains far too limited and feature-shy to really justify the download.

TabKeeper - Info

TabKeeper is a free software utility designed to keep track of "tabs" of money owed. It was originally designed to help ease the confusion of sharing bills with roommates and also keep track of all bills in one place. TabKeeper can easily be used to keep track of business-related invoices.

Automatically Saves Current File upon exit.
Optionally Logs every tab deletion.
Quickly change color schemes to make program more exciting.
Keep track of infinite tabs with linked list architecture.
Free Updates, feature requests


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