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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

As far as free first person shooting games go, Alien Arena 2006 Gold Edition is as good as it gets. The game oozes style and quality right from the outset, and the deeper into the game one delves, the more it becomes obvious that Alien Arena 2006 Gold Edition is something special. After selecting one of eight characters and 32 maps, the player competes against bots or online against human opponents in one of the five available game modes. Add to this an exciting arsenal of weapons and an impressive graphics engine and you have hours of quality entertainment all rolled up in a neat little package that is Alien Arena 2006 Gold Edition. Okay, at 170MB the download is by no means "little" but is certainly well worth it. The game is very easy to get into, and setting the bots to easy makes playing a walk in the park. Crank it up to the highest difficulty however, and even first person shooter veterans will have their hands full. With so many features and excellent game play, Alien Arena 2006 Gold Edition is sure to become a freeware classic well worth checking out.

Alien Arena 2006: Gold Edition - Info

What would happen if you took Quake 3 Arena, UT, a few Martians, some weird robots and gadgets, threw them in a blender and pressed the button? You'd have Alien Arena 2006, that's what!

AA2K6 is the latest in a series of standalone games based on a classic Sci-Fi theme with a modern, updated visual experience. With 32 levels, five modes of play, mutators, built-in bots, 9 characters, 8 weapons(with alt-fire modes), the game has an endless supply of replayability. Billed as the sequel to 2004's CodeRED: Alien Arena, AA2K6 is much more than that. With the trials and tribulations of software development, endless hours of playing, gathering feedback, COR Entertainment has been able to not only fine tune and perfect it's flagship game, but add completely new dimensions to it.

Using the CRX engine, which is based on the Id GPL source code, AA2K6 now includes modern effects such as light blooms, multitexture combine, reflective water, textured particles, stainmaps, 32 bit color, vertex lighting on models, shaders, fog, and much more. Built into the game is a easy to use server browser which allows the user to query information about each server. A Q3 style console has been added, as well as colored player names. The best thing about the CRX engine however, is it's netcode and speed. Even on a modest system, you will get excellent framerates, and movement is still extremely smooth and fast, even on high ping servers.

Bot AI has been improved with each release, and for AA2K6, a number of improvements and enhancements have been made. These bots are among the most human acting bots in any game, period, and also some of the toughest if you choose them to be. They are fully configurable using an external editor, and skill levels can be set in game.

New for AA2K6 is Deathball, a mode in which a player can get 10 frags for grabbing a ball and shooting it into a goal. Don't forget about the Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and All Out Assault mode(in which players can enter vehicles) either. These modes are as polished and fun as any commercial version out there.


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