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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Mini Calculator is almost identical in layout and use to the standard Windows calculator, which makes it incredibly easy to use and instantly familiar to anyone who had ever used its Windows counterpart. I say almost, however, because Mini Calculator includes a few slight improvements in the way of duel display screens, a useful memory mode and support for additional mathematical operations like "Pi", "Log", and "e" as well as trigonometric functions. Small, easy to use and highly functional, Mini Calculator is the ideal replacement for the standard windows calculator application.

Mini Calculator - Info

Alternative Windows Mini Calculator with 2 views, general functions, Dec-Hex-Oct-Bin integers. Colorful, has tips and precision control. And Loan Calculator is also included.

It has 2 operating windows - for result and for input.
Accumulator - Memory mode is fully switchable.

"Constant second operand" and "Paste & Copy" operations are implemented.

Although it has 2 (or 4) output windows it remains tiny.


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