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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Voice Emotion or simply, Vemotion is handy little IM add-on for your favorite instant messenger. Be it Skype, MSN or Yahoo 360 this is surly a neat add-on to install. Whilst chatting to your friends, you merely need to open Vemotion and select a humorous occurrence. A truly rambunctious sound effect or perhaps even an MP3 can be crow barred into your chat! Gracious. Voice recordings (worked on my copy) provide excellent for keeping saucy Skype conversations stored forever in your hard-drive. A truly useful tool, one which I shall keep using until my fingers wither away.

Voice Emotion - Info

Share music and fun with your friends while talking over IMs(Skype, Msn, AIM, Gtalk, YIM, QQ).

vEmotion is an IM add-on, with which one can set background music for IM calls and send voice emotions/sound effects to partners. Also a call recorder will be available soon.

It catchs the whole lot in an action that supported IMs include Skype, Msn, Gtalk, QQ, AIM and Yahoo Messenger. You can tune up all those big IMs with only one installation of vEmotion.

Furthermore, when you are not online, vEmotion is an excellent audio player for you.


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