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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One:

RSS streams seem to be the only way to read a web site these days. Every website is either a blog or an RSS feed. What happened to creative web design. Sigh, my memories of a pure internet are old indeed. With RSS2html Scout has many customizable templates you can use to include said feeds into your website. It was incredibly easy for me to insert a feed into a very simple HTML site I knocked up, so I assure you dear user, it will be easy for you as well.

RSS2HTML Scout - Info

RSS2HTML Scout is a freeware ActiveX .NET ready programming library that can add RSS reading functions into your application.
Key Features:
- No RSS or XML formats knowledge required; RSS, ATOM, RDF feeds support;
- Non-Latin feeds support;
- Built-in multi-threaded downloading engine;
- Built-in cache to speed up RSS to HTML conversion;
- Ability to filter feeds by title, url, description using keywords;
- Customizable ready-to-use HTML and CSS templates;
- and more!


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