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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

First person shooters seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays, so it's nice to see a game like Death Illustrated breathe some new life into this over populated genre. Innovation in Death Illustrated comes in the unique comic book style presentation of the game. Done entirely in black and white, the intention is to make the player feel as though they are part of a real-life comic. Unfortunately, this is about as innovative as Death Illustrated gets. For the rest of the game, it's your standard run and gun affair with little variation on offer. Once you get over the comic book approach, you will soon tire of the game as the action quickly becomes repetitive. Hats off to Death Illustrated for trying to put a new spin on an old genre. It really is refreshing to see innovation, but in this case it's only cosmetic and the meat of the game is somewhat lacking.

Death Illustrated - Info

Death Illustrated is designed to give you the sensation of deathmatching inside of a three dimensional comic book. D.I. is Freeware. It's designed almost completly in glorified black & white, or grayscale as some would prefer to call it.

If you have ever played Quake, Doom or Soldier of Fortune you will love this game. All the action, blood, gore and monsters that you'd expect from your average commercial first person shooter, except this is completely free!


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