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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Goim is fantastic. MSN messenger, Google chat, Yahoo chat or literally any other chat application can be run through Goim. Goim is a Jabber based client, meaning it configurable for any chat application as long as you know the setup information. Goim is not the prettiest looking if you compare it to MSN, yet it holds a certain whimsical charm. I say with messaging, the more sparse the interface, the better the chatting. Fancy graphics have no place in the world of instant messaging. Well in my book at least. Download Goim today and discover all its hidden treasures.

GOIM - Info

GOIM (Gamers Own Instant Messenger) is a full featured jabber / XMPP client with special features (extensions) for gamers. (e.g. broadcasting a notification when you join a server, or seeing which games others play and joining them with one click on the game icon beside their name).


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