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KGB Free Key Logger is a remarkable utility in that it can be used both as a security tool and an information backup utility. The primary aim is to allow you to monitor the activities of other users on your PC by analyzing their keyboard activity. In short, KGB Free Key Logger lets you see exactly who typed what and when, so that you always know exactly what others are up to on your PC. It also allows you to monitor screenshots, webpage visits, program activity, and clipboard content, ensuring that no action goes unnoticed. KGB Free Key Logger is invisible when minimized so other users on your PC will be oblivious to its presence, and as long as the log is cleaned out on a regular basis, it makes very few demands of system resources. As an added bonus, the utility also tracks your own keystrokes and can act as a valuable tool for backing up your data in case of an unexpected system crash. This is a very versatile, popular freeware utility and one of the best keyboard activity monitors available.

KGB Free Key Logger - Info

Free KGB Key Logger is a multifunctional keyboard tracking software (a.k.a. key logger) that is widely used by both regular users and IT security specialists. The reason for such popularity is that this program does not just record keystrokes; it is capable of recording language specific characters (ex. umlauts), date and time certain window was initiated as well as the caption of that window. Thus, this software combines two very important qualities - it records all typed data, so that you won't lose it when your computer unexpectedly crashes, and it keeps the record of all keyboard activity. It allows you to monitor your children's activity at home or to make sure your employees do not use company's computers inappropriately.
There are three versions of keylogger - Free KGB Key Logger, KGB Keylogger and KGB Spy. Free KGB Key Logger is absolutely free, contains all basic features described above and is intended for non-commercial use at home as a keylogger. KGB Keylogger and KGB Spy is a well known, highly praised IT security oriented software that goes beyond recording keystrokes. While it was originally created for corporations and small businesses, it is becoming increasingly popular for home use as well. The main reason for that is extended capabilities of KGB Spy or KGB Keylogger.
Industry experts regard KGB Spy and KGB Keylogger as the best low-cost non-invasive software from the keylogger family. All major corporations use keyboard loggers to prevent loss of data and to monitor employees' activity; large part of them chose KGB Keylogger from KGB Keylogger is sold on


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