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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

NotJustBrowsing tries do be different and succeeds. Many of the functions that more successful browsers incorporate; such as draggable links and an always on bookmark tab, are neatly incorporated into the design of NotJustBrowsing. Auto-tabs and pictorial representations of bookmarks are some unique functions that this freeware title contains. Besides the funny name, NotJustBrowsing is an excellent browser to use in case your Firefox goes MIA.

NotJustBrowsing - Info

1. Drag & Drop for visited links collection
2. Linear Browsing with web page access time
3. Auto Browsing (See Through)
4. Multiple Browsing using tiled-windows, in a layout of user's choice
5. Colour coded browsing signals
6. Encrypted Picture Messaging
7. Configurable visual representation for group of web addresses.
8. Add notes with stored links
9. Share multiple web addresses with other users
10. Popups blocking
11. Publish user guides, manuals and help contents
12. View Lock: Protect your stored web links from being visited by someone else
13. Protection: Not let any body else modify your stored web page links
14. The ability to have multiple home pages. Each home position can be a single document link or multiple documents collection.
15. Use as Personal Virtual Library.

Amount of information that a user can browse through in minimum of time and the amount of links that can be stored and managed are distinguished features of this innovatively designed browser.


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