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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Sitespector is an amazing tool. Simple to use, you would never expect such value. Sitespector runs silently in the background once loaded, collecting data on your favourite websites. It will notify you instantly when certain sections of the websites that you choose to monitor have been changed. This makes it a completely useful tool for keeping up with the latest trends and gadgets. For the web mogul, this means keeping up-to-date the statistics for your competitions websites. And what could be more handy then that? Think of Sitespector as the ultimate RSS tool. But one that you full control.

Sitespector - Info

Sitespector is a powerful Windows application that automatically visits web pages that are critical to your business, and notifies you if they have changed. Sitespector checks the sections of each web page that are important to you, and displays new added information. The program also highlights changes.

Sitespector's power is enhanced by your ability to determine what kinds of changes you're looking for in each web page. You can define the portion of a web page that interests you. The program can search for specific text strings, allowing you to be notified when one of your competitors is mentioned on a financial web site, or when your favorite team is cited on a sports web site.

You can also define the things that Sitespector should ignore. It's easy to ignore page counters, banner ads, date/time stamps, all images, images that are linked to external web sites, or dynamic links.

The program's built-in scheduler lets you decide how often you want Sitespector to visit each web page. The program runs in the background, and notifies you visually or by playing a sound whenever there has been a significant change.

Whether you're a marketing director who wants to know when your competitors have introduced new products on their web pages, an investor who wants to be alerted when news or financial sites mention companies whose stock you own, or a hobbyist who wants to follow the careers of your favorite music or sports stars, Sitespector has the tools that you need.


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