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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

M6.Net Link Checker is only of use for Web editors. Here is an application that checks to see if your shared links are still in operation. I tested this with a number of web sites that I usually browse. I entered the URL plus my search terms and bingo. M6.Net Link Checker found all links with matching words in them. This would be perfect if I had a website where I had to maintain my own link validity. I do not, so hopefully M6.Net Link Checker can be of some use to you.

M6.Net Link Checker - Info

The M6.Net Link Checker is an extremely easy to use, free link checker tool that allows you to check other sites for your link or text.
This greatly simplifis the headache of checking reciprocal links again and again on other sites. You just need to enter the information in the software once and then can run it routinely to check whether the sites you traded links with still hold your links.
A highly useful and essential tool for webmasters!


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