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Free Backup Deluxe 2005 SE Download | Backup Deluxe 2005 SE Direct Download

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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One:

Backup deluxe 2005 SE may be from yonks ago (2 years might as well be 2 decades to a pc user) but it is still infinitely better then standard windows backup tool. Backup deluxe 2005 SE (the SE means that it is for free) has a wide range of backup solutions that cater for the pro and standard user. Backup deluxe 2005 SE can automate backups on a daily occurrence, this makes the process a really simple affair. A PC can crash at any time so Backup deluxe 2005 SE is a must download.

Backup Deluxe 2005 SE - Info

Backup Deluxe 2005 automates regular backup of crucial information without interfering into your daily operations. Backup goes on in the background taking up idle system resources. To make sure that it doesnt interfere into system performance you can designate certain share of your system resources to it. Several backup types allow still better resource management. By combining normal and differential backup you secure fast data restoration. It is the best way to provide smooth unbroken performance and data access. On the other hand, incremental backup can be scheduled at shorter intervals as it takes less time and resources. Backup Deluxe will automatically restore your data from the last incremental backup in reverse sequence up to the last normal backup. This type better tracks data changes.

After you chose backup type and schedule it at required intervals, Backup Deluxe 2005 takes over. At certain points in time it creates volume shadow copy of your data and replicates selected files including those used by your system. You can limit the backup range to particular data types and file names. Masks with wildcard support will help you define exactly what data you need. The size of your backup files depends only on your settings, since the program has no limit in that respect. Backup Deluxe 2005 provides selection of storage media for your backed-up data. You can store them in a local folder, on remote computer or FTP server.

Backup Deluxe 2005 can easily restore your system after a major crash. You can effectively use it to back up your system state data, including registry, COM+ registration database and boot files. After you back up particular hives inside the registry, it gets much easier to repair and restore your registry.


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