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RAMUI WEBBLOG is a PHP-MYSQL based free blog script. The ultimate goal of this script is to provide maximum control to the webmasters in managing their websites. The features included are,
Search engine friendly URL:
You can install this script in a backup folder; get familiar with it, and when necessary, drag it at your web-root. No separate installation or modification is required. Pages that have already been created remain unchanged.
User friendly control panel always display date and time according to the local time from where you login.
You can create a new page by using 'create new' link or by editing an existing one and then saving it at a different name.
You can directly use PHP or HTML code to build your pages.
You can use different template for your different pages.
You can set separate header information for every page and post.
You can split a long document into multiple documents just by inserting page-break at your desired location. All relating supports will be generated automatically.
This script has an inbuilt JS, AJAX and simple menu generator.
You can generate and edit XML sitemap with just one mouse click.
This script has an inbuilt web-stat system which provides you all important statistics about your visitor's path and activities.
You can plug-in Adsense or any preset page elements at anywhere of your posts.
You can plug in preset page element statically or dynamically.
You can block a single page or even entire site with just one mouse click.
This script has an inbuilt HTML sitemap generator which automatically generates alphabetical list of pages along with their descriptions.
This script also includes a spam protected AJAX contact form with auto responder script. You can view all visitors message at your control panel and reply them in text or in HTML format.
You can accept user comments for your selected pages.
This script has an inbuilt template editor.


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