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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Verification engine installs in under 10 seconds, sitting neatly on your taskbar and waiting for a secure site to load. Once a secure site (such as Paypal or Amazon) loads in your browser, Verification engine simply displays a happy green "tick" to proclaim that you are on the genuine site. Verification engine runs its own security checks to assure your browsing is safe and sound. Verification engine does its job and for that it scores according to its use.

Verification Engine - Info

VerificationEngine¬ô the multi-browser anti-phishing and identity assurance tool for Microsoft Windows offers an extremely simple and innovative user friendly interface to differentiate legitimate web sites from fraudulent ones. So if you really wish to be sure you are looking at the real site rather than a clever imitation created to steal your identity install VerificationEngine now!


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