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Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1:

VayT is a good freeware utility for web design, and will certainly be appreciated by veterans and novice users alike. The interface is rather plain, sporting the traditional Windows style design, but the menus are still comprehensively stocked with features and the logical layout makes for simple, straightforward operation. Some of the more useful features of VayT include the ability to preview your webpage while you are coding it and the option of inserting pre-coded HTML, making for fast, efficient website creation. Should you feel lost or overwhelmed at anytime, VayT also includes an informative help function to guide you through any difficulties you might have. Overall, the utility is both simple enough to have wide appeal and yet still manages to come across as a powerful web development application. Whether you are just starting out in web design or a seasoned pro in the field, you will certainly find good use for VayT.

VayT - Info

VayT is a web development tool that provides a real-time preview of the page. Packed full of great features, VayT is easy to use and even easier to learn! With an excellent tutorial and precoded elements, VayT is essential for the beginning or expert web developer. Some of the many features include:

* Real-time preview
* Syntax Highlighting
* RTF Importing
* Java Applet Environment
* Page generator
* Precoded HTML elements
* Table generator
* Find & Replace
* Export helper
* Simulated status bar


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